Enter a new market with me ...

In the context of an interview, I offer my professional experience to those companies that want to expand their business in the Spanish and/or Latin American market. 

My goal is to get closer to Spain in one way or another. How? For example, with a position as technical or commercial delegate in Spain for a Swiss, German, Austrian, or any other country. 

Well, in my professional career I have been directly employed by companies and I have also worked as a freelancer. The latter option is interesting if you work for several brands or suppliers.

I am completely open to distance work or «home work«, with complete freedom of schedule.

Experience in international trade and distribution. My strengths are industrial machinery and other industrial products, renewable energies.

Nowadays almost all sectors have a lot in common, so with initiative and some training my experience can be transferred to other sectors.

I also have experience and training in the field of renewable energies, such as solar energy (photovoltaic/solar thermal) heating and air conditioning systems.

In short, I have more than 20 years of experience in different sectors, recognition and other achievements at different levels and the ability to create trust in dealing with customers and introducing companies and brands in the Spanish market.

In Spain I have worked mainly as a freelancer (in a family business). My tasks were the management of the sales and technical service area, as well as always finding solutions for various problems in the area. We have managed to introduce our brands in several markets, such as the concrete sector, construction sector and the renewable energy sector at national level. These were mainly German brands.

My clients in the renewable energy sector were not only Spanish clients but also German and English clients. The clients appreciate being served in their own language and the fact that the business processes are more natural.

Later, Spain experienced an economic and labour crisis and I thought about continuing my professional career in Germany, my second home, as I knew the labour market and its customs very well. I moved to Germany to an employee relationship. Initially I worked in project management for well-known companies, until after a while I received an offer in international sales from a Swiss company which I accepted and for which I still work today.

The languages I know best are Spanish and German. I was born and raised in Germany, so both are my mother tongues, which I have always spoken.

As for the third language I speak, English, I am fluent in it at the level of business meetings, which is the result of several courses and, above all, a natural consequence of my work experience working in international markets.

Finally, I use French and Italian on a conversational level, also for reasons arising from my work.

Personally, I believe that mastery of several languages is an important ally to progress in my work.

Moreover, I am fortunate to have lived in several European countries and I know their peculiarities, which allows me to create more confidence with clients and thus to have a greater impact on the economy.

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